That was one of the best, if not THE best lecture I’ve ever seen at the RGS….’

I give numerous talks about travel and adventures on two and three wheels. These have ranged from speaking to 750 people at London’s illustrious Royal Geographical Society to recounting adventure stories to wide-eyed eight year olds in schools.

Amongst those I’ve spoken for are: The Wilderness Lectures, The Royal Geographical Society, The Adventure Travel Show, One life Live, The Adventure Travel Film Festival, Shambala Festival, Wycombe Abbey School, Bruton School for Girls, Immrama Festival of Travel Writing and the Wigtown Book Festival. My talks are designed to inspire and entertain people of all ages, and hopefully encourage them to get out there and have their own adventures – whether they be near or far. I’m happy to talk to bikers, women’s groups, history societies, adventure enthusiasts, schools, corporations or generally anyone who likes to hear a good old adventure yarn.

If you’re interested in hiring me for a talk drop me a line here.

Upcoming talks and book signings are:

Talk to Red Maids’ School

Date: June 27, 2017

Time: Day

Location: Red Maids' School, Bristol

Talk to the pupils about Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.

Private event.

Talk to Dauntsey’s School

Date: June 30, 2017

Time: Day

Location: Dauntsey's School, Wiltshire

Talk to the pupils of Dauntsey’s School about Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.

Private event.

Book Launch (Norfolk) – Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains

Date: July 13, 2017

Time: 18.30

Location: The Bookhive, Norwich

Norfolk Launch of my new book, Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.


Norfolk Advanced Motorcyclists Talk

Date: July 17, 2017

Time: 19.00

Location: Norwich

Talk to the group about my new book, Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.

This is a members only event.

Analog Adventures: Talk with Lois Pryce and Austin Vince

Date: August 4, 2017

Time: 12.00-12.45

Location: Wilderness Festival, Cornbury

Fans of the low-fi, budget, seat of your pants type of adventure, this joint talk is going to whip you though a world of adventure, and convince you that you don’t need buckets of cash, flashy gear or big sponsors to make these missions happen.

Adventure Travel Film Festival

Start date: August 11, 2017

End date: August 13, 2017

Time: TBC

Location: Mill HIll School, London

The BRILLIANT Adventure Travel Film Festival.

This year I will be co-delivering a Travel Writing Workshop with the wonderful Lois Pryce

Bruton School for Girls

Date: September 13, 2017

Time: 18.30

Location: Bruton

6th form lecture about my book, Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains. This talk is open to members of the public  – please contact the school for more details.

Wigtown Literary Festival

Start date: September 22, 2017

End date: October 1, 2017

Time: Date and Time TBC

Location: Wigtown, Scotland

Talk to the Wigtown Literary Festival about my new book, Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.


Cheltenham Literary Festival

Date: October 8, 2017

Time: Time TBC

Location: Cheltenham

The details of this event are still being confirmed.

Wilderness Lectures

Date: November 15, 2017

Time: 19.00

Location: Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol

Talk at the wonderful Wilderness Lectures in Bristol about my new book, Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains.

Guildford Travel Club

Date: December 19, 2017

Time: 19.00

Location: Guildford Travel Club

Talk to the Guildford Travel Club about the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Book signing.


Here’s what a couple of people have said about my talks…..

“The audience were amused and informed but, above all, they left inspired. Antonia is as impressive a communicator as she is an adventurer. She will be back if we have anything to do with it.” Adrian Turpin, Wigtown Book Festival, Scotland.

Ants was the star of the show at the Adventure Travel Film Festival 2014. Entertaining and inspiring, she kept the audience spellbound with great stories and pictures, and her talk was so popular she had to put on a repeat performance!” Lois Pryce, founder of the Adventure Travel Film Festival.

“Once again, Ants  has given us a wonderfully illustrated and thought-provoking talk about one of her extraordinary trips. This was the third time she’s spoken for us. Recounting her experiences riding through countries still suffering from the curse of unexploded Vietnam War ordnance, Ants’ talk vividly reminded us of man’s inhumanity to other men whilst also restoring faith in human nature. Brilliant; we’re intending to book her for our next season, to hear about her latest adventures in Arunachal Pradesh. Her talks are highly amusing, entertaining and informative accounts of outrageous adventures.” Dick Willis, Wilderness Lectures, Bristol

Thank you for giving such an excellent talk. Of the near forty speakers we have arranged over the last ten years your talk was delivered with more passion and enthusiasm than all. I heard Kate Adie talk a few months ago and I put you up there in her bracket.” Jock Wingfield, McNally Society.

“Ants delivers daring details of derring-do with much mirth, modesty, wit and wisdom. She makes even the most seemingly hare-brained adventures feel amazingly accessible and achievable, but still  awesomely inspiring.” Ed Gillespie, Shambala Festival’s ‘Emporium of Invaluable Insights.’

The highlight of my year.‘ Email from audience member at the Royal Geographical Society. October 2015.

That was one of the best, if not THE best lecture I’ve ever seen at the RGS.‘ Email from a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society after my October 2015 talk.

The best talk I’ve seen at the RGS in at least two years.‘ Email from audience member at the Royal Geographical Society after my October 2015 lecture.

‘Antonia’s talk was breathtaking in its scope and content, delivered with a calm and wry amusement at times which belied the courage and ambition of her journey. The students loved the chance to gain a deeper insight into an aspect of the Vietnam War they had only touched on in their GCSE History course, as well as enjoying the images of the appealing Honda Cub motorbike in various stages of muddiness as ‘she’ struggled along the Ho Chi Min trail. There were incredible images, both on screen and in our minds, as Antonia explained some of the statistics and scenes she came across on this journey. Talk and ideas about this and their won possible future challenges went on long into the evening and we are looking forward to her next visit after the forthcoming expedition.’ Fiona Donaldson, Head of Sixth Form, Bruton School for Girls.

“I have seen Ants speak twice to very different audiences about her travel writing. Erudite, witty and above all engaging, she is a first class speaker with a sensitive approach and takes great care to make her content relevant to those she is addressing. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” Shane o’ Neil, Emanuel School, London.

A.C Grayling was boring – this was much better.” 6th former, Emanuel School, Battersea

“Ants was a splendid and fascinating speaker. Not only did she enthrall a mixed 6-80 year old audience, but  her tales of what the rest of us would consider daring do were so engagingly told that, for a few brief minutes, we all thought we could emulate her achievements – then sanity returned. That she managed to pitch her talk so expertly is a testimony to her ability to weave a tale that more than whetted our appetites to read her books. Thanks SO MUCH.” Andy Williams, Lytchett Minster School, Dorset.

Having travelled through Vietnam myself, Ants’ talk at the Travel Adventure Show opened my eyes to the reality and the fragility of the Ho Chi Minh trail. Her talk and photographs were fascinating. She’s a true inspiration for solo women travellers everywhere.” Gemma Thompson, editor of A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone