Black C90: Around the Black Sea by Honda Cub

In the autumn of 2010 Antonia and her boyfriend Marley set off on a hazardous journey around the Black Sea on a pair of 20-year old Honda C90 motorcycles more suited to delivering pizzas than undertaking pan-continental marathons. Antonia’s bike, K-k-ken, was the zebroid zephyr, whilst Zulu, Marley’s mount, was painted in a leopard livery.

Setting off from Bulgaria, the pair rode south through Turkey, then on across the windswept steppe of Russia, the storm-battered mountains of Ukraine, a tiny corner of Moldova and finally Romania, before ending once more in Bulgaria.

In three weeks they travelled almost 3000 miles through six countries, encountering extreme weather, vicious packs of wild dogs and numerous insane drivers along the way.

Marley and Antonia were awarded the 2010 Wilderness Award for this mission. To find out more about the award and how you can win it click here.

Sadly, K-K-Ken was stolen by some heartless person from outside their home in Bristol in early 2014. Zulu is now a lonesome leopard who dearly misses his friend.