Antonia writes for the travel and environment pages of The Telegraph, The Guardian, The i Paper,  Wanderlust, Geographical and more. She’s a contributing editor of the US magazine, Overland Journal, and has written chapters to anthologies such as Lonely Planet’s FlightlessA Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone and Tough Women.

As a broadcaster, her stories have featured on Radio 4’s From our Own Correspondent and Pick of the Week, and she’s presented episodes of Radio 4’s Costing the Earth and Open Country. To listen to her episode of Costing the Earth, about community-based conservation in Nagaland, click here.

Her focus is on threatened peoples, places and wildlife across Central, South and Southeast Asia and she has written and reported extensively on Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland (Northeast India), Tajikistan and the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

A selection of Antonia’s articles, radio programmes and interviews are linked to below. Just click on the image.

Antonia is based in the Black Mountains, Wales.

More of Antonia’s radio interviews, book reviews and articles are linked to below.

Myanmar’s Forgotten Naga. Geographical Magazine, August 2020

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Climbing with the Bedouin in Jordan for

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Review of Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains by Geoff Hill, The Mirror. August 2017.

Review of Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains in Overland magazine. August 2017

Review of Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains in Geographical Magazine. September 2017.

‘Last of the Igu’. Feature for Geographical Magazine, September 2017.

Interview on Radio 4’s Midweek programme. December 2014.

Interview on Radio 4’s Saturday Live about the Ho Chi Minh Trail. April 2014.

Review of A Short Ride in the Jungle in CN Traveller. April 2014.