A short ride in the jungle…

Back in October a TV director I work with alot rang me: “Do you want to do a couple of weeks work setting up a new series for ITV?” The subject was the massive recent surge of elephant and rhino poaching in Africa. The presenter was a major Hollywood film star. ‘Why not, sounds interesting, but as long as it’s only a few weeks” I replied.

Four months later I’ve only just finished the job. That sure was a long two weeks. Sadly I can’t reveal details of the series or who the presenter was until it airs on ITV later this year. But if you want to see a few photos of the shoot, have a gander here on my new Facebook page. And if you want to hear more about the terrifying and tragic poaching epidemic that is sweeping Africa, follow the Environmental Investigation Agency’s Facebook page here.

So, now to the next mission: riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


In four week’s time I’ll be flying to Hanoi to meet my steed, a pimped Honda C90, and setting off on a 7-week jaunt down the legendary Trail. My trip will take me from Hanoi, south through Laos and Cambodia and finally back into Vietnam, ending in Ho Chi Minh City. If all goes to plan and I don’t get eaten by a tiger along the way, I’ll be penning a book about the venture. Again, I can’t reveal details about the publisher and publication date yet, but will do at a later stage…

So the next few weeks are going to be a hive of Trail activity: finalising sponsors, poring over maps, working out how many bottles of gin I can squeeze into my panniers and deciphering the inner workings of a C90 engine. I should probably also get a little better acquainted with my GPS, since Marley told me the other day that I was “as good at navigation as Conan the Barbarian was at crochet”. Oh dear.

As I mentioned before, I’ll be raising funds for the superb Mines Advisory Group. To donate please exercise your digits and click here.

More soon…

Filming an orphaned baby elephant, Tanzia