Bristol’s pioneering street art project

This weekend saw the much anticipated launch of Bristol’s pioneering  See No Evil street art project. Involving 70 acclaimed artists from as far afield as Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Italy and of course Bristol, the project has transformed a notoriously unattractive, run-down area of the city into Europe’s largest street art project.

Here are a few photos of the superb artwork on display.

LA's El Mac's Mother and Child

This was definitely one of my favourities – LA’s El Mac’s fantastic Mother and Child, which covered four stories of a drab catering building.

This bowler hatted man by Bristol’s own Nick Walker is a marked improvement to the 1970’s concrete nightmare it adorns.

Spain's Aryz' five-storey high wolf

As yet I can’t find out who this piece is by, and the See No Evil website sheds no light. But it was one of the most artistically impressive pieces of the project.

Shanghai Night's restaurant is transformed into a beehive

A vast improvement on an otherwise unmemorable eatery….

Excellent graffiti sketches by London's Nathan Bowen

This is just a small selection of the panoply of fantastic artwork on display. To find out more about the project and the artists who have taken part please see the See No Evil website. Even better, totter down to Nelson Street and feast your eyes on the artwork itself.