As well as the adventures I’ve been involved with I’ve also organised numerous other, smaller events over the last decade. I’ve run my own techno club night in Edinburgh, stage managed at music festivals, organised mini-festivals for The Adventurists, booked bands, hired DJs and worked with a fabulous selection of butlers, chefs, circus performers, artists and set-builders. A few examples of the events I’ve run (from concept to completion) are…

The Adventurists’ Czechout Party, Klenova Castle, Czech Republic (2008-2011). I found the castle, came up with the name, booked the bands and DJs, decided on menus and cleared up the carnage at the end of every party….

The Adventurists’ Christmas Parties, 2008-2011. These really were humdingers of parties. One was a pirate party in a Bristol warehouse, another an electro-swing rave in an old market in east London, the third one a Steampunk extravaganza at Islington Metalworks. Again I did everything from coming up with the concept, working with artists and performers, booking the bands (The Correspondents, The Baghdaddies…), finding the costumes and carrying out the last revellers. At each party we had between 4-600 people.

Between 2009 and 2012 I worked on a number of bespoke events for Hendrick’s gin. I organised a series of ‘Afternoon Teas with a Legend of Adventure’ and helped set up an expedition to Venezuela. We had fabulous tea parties all over the world: Colorado, Philadelphia, Sydney, Madrid, London and Edinburgh – with speakers including Benedict Allen, John Blashford-Snell, Lois Pryce, John Muir and Charles Brewer Carias. Earl Grey, Hendrick’s and adventure – what more could you ask for?

As well as all the exciting bits, I can also do the very dull but vital things such as Risk Assessments and budgets.